Who is Trenten Priest?

Hailing from Texas, Trenten Priest is a musical artist on the rise who specializes in making the type of inspirational music this world needs right now. Trenten Priest empowers his fans with love and positivity and teaches them that anyone can do ANYTHING they want as long as you truly believe you can.

Who is Trenten Priest?
Who is Trenten Priest?

What inspires you?

Definitely MY FANS. They make cool edits and dances to my songs that keep me going. All I get is nothing but love from my fans so that’s all I give back.

What is your main goal?

My end result would be to have made a positive impact on this world and to be the reason for A CHANGE.

How would you describe your music?

Uplifting, Emotional, HYPE. My music is from my heart I make music for fans of all music genres because I do not limit myself to one specific category.

Who are your top five favorite artists of all time? Why those artists?

Drake has been a major artist in my life growing up and he still has managed to stay on top.

We feel extremely privileged to have spoken to Trenten Priest.