When and Why to Hire a Node.js Consultant

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The platform made coding in JavaScript quicker and easier. But Node.js isn’t a cakewalk.

What Is Node.js, and How Does It Work?

Features of Node.js

1. It’s Easy to Work With

2. It’s a Workhorse

3. It’s Quick

4. It’s a Multi-platform Environment

5. It’s Easily Manageable

6. It Uses Fewer Resources/Memory

Use Cases of Node.js

  • REST API-based Applications — As JavaScript is used as a back- and front-end language, servers can utilize Node.js to connect the back-end to the front-end via the REST API. Node.js can also make it easier to build other web applications.
  • Data Streaming — Node.js can be used by streaming companies because it is quick, lightweight, and comes with a native streaming API. This allows data to be streamed directly to wherever it needs to go.
  • IoT — Internet of Things applications typically come with multiple sensors that can create a massive pile of requests over time. Node.js can stop this from happening by handling each request as it arrives.
  • Complex Single-page Applications (SPAs) — Node.js can instantly process every request made by SPA components. It also deals with each request in a non-blocking fashion, making task completion even faster.
  • Real-time Chats — Because of its single-threaded event loop, Node.js can be used to process real-time communications. It can also handle multiple requests at the same time without causing blockages, making it an excellent option.
  • Microservices — Node.js can be used to create service-oriented architecture that creates connections between various network protocols. It’s a perfect choice because it is easy to maintain, highly scalable, and fast.

Why Should You Hire a Node.js Consultant?

  • Reduce waiting times
  • Effortlessly share data
  • Become more efficient
  • Utilize countless code libraries
  • Make sure of database integration
  • Write both front- and back-end code
  • Process thousands of requests without blockages
  • Create customized solutions to recurring problems
  • Deal with every post-development bug without fail
  • Build applications with real-time communication options
  • Use a single codebase for complex development projects
  • Integrate new functionalities and features to benefit SaaS or PaaS services
  • Ensure best practices have been implemented for data protection and security.

Types of Node.js Consultants

1. Freelancer

2. In-house Expert

3. Outsource

Wrapping Up



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