Vega Genesis Tops iTunes Charts While Taking Over Hollywood

Vega Genesis Tops iTunes Charts
Vega Genesis Tops iTunes Charts

We have had the opportunity to speak to Vega-Genesis and here’s what he had to say:

Where did you grow up?

Born & Raised in Michigan. I lived there my whole life. In the first half, I spent time in Rochester Hills, and the second half I spent in Grand Blanc, which is a suburb right outside of Flint.

How did you get into music?

I always listened to a ton of music. Took my iPod nano everywhere. Didn’t start trying to make music myself until college when we would get drunk and freestyle in the dorms. Eventually people realized that I was pretty decent, so I just kept it rolling.

What is the first single you released?

The first single I ever released was a remix to “Big Spender” by Theophilus London. The first original song was called ‘Down For It’. It was just straight SoundCloud music back then.

Tell us Who/What inspires you?

I get inspired by a good ass beat, you know? Like you hear something amazing and you know you have to go off. There are some beats that feel like second nature. I also get inspired by really good animation though too, on like an artistic level. Like the spider-verse movie or the demon-slayer anime. Not even gonna lie.

Tell us about your new project?

I’m working on a couple of things. One of them is the top secret. The other is a short album that’s more on the pop side of rap. Really want to take things to the radio and to bigger audiences.

What are your talents?

So I have 1,000,000 bars when it comes to rap music, of course. But I also illustrate. I design a lot of graphics for artists and visual branding for companies. I’ve done a couple of clothing lines as well. And people don’t want it with me in retro arcade games or first-person shooters. What I can’t do? I can’t dance for shit and I can’t speak Spanish super well, so that’s lame.

We are so excited about what’s in store for Vega-Genesis if he can top charts in his first 90 days imagine what we could do before the year is over.

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