Twisted Toonz Genesis — The Future NFT King

Twisted Toonz Genesis — The Future NFT King
Twisted Toonz

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), the cryptosphere’s modern-day gold, dominate the market with rising quantities and increasing demand.

According to tech enthusiasts on the lookout for incredible prospects — NFTs are new-generation assets with a lot of promise. The market is constantly flooded with many smart contract generative and other creative NFT applications. This drew the attention of producers, artists, and even investors to these lucrative assets.

In the middle of these activities, a king has arrived to take the attention of NFT fans all around the world.

Let’s expose the next NFT king — Twisted Toonz!

On the Ethereum blockchain, a collection of 700 Genesis Twisted Toonz NFTs was generated. Each Twisted Toon is one-of-a-kind, with over 75 distinct hand-drawn characteristics. When you stake the genesis collection, you will get $TOON, used to fund our GEN2 collection.

NFTs are not only digital art on the blockchain or collectibles, contrary to common misconception. They go much beyond that since each has a smart contract, which is where their ultimate value rests.

-Twisted Toonz Genesis is collection of 700 distinct NFTs

-GEN1 earns you $TOON, which you may spend to claim GEN2.

  • GEN1 is already available
  • Twisted Toonz Genesis concentrated on supplying liquidity pools after the introduction of GEN2.
  • We want to concentrate on our P2E game.

Twisted Toonz will be created in the sandbox and include future airdrops and utilities.

Twisted Toonz Genesis is to be commended for providing this NFT delight to all NFT fans throughout the globe.

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