TriumphX : Cross-Chain NFT Marketplace


Yes, Triumphx is developed and designed to tokenize all digital contents into NFT due to market developments. TriumphX offers a one-stop shop for creator discovery, content production, and NFT marketing, allowing all material in the world to become digital assets. It adds to the diversification of NFTs, which are mostly found in the metaverse, art, and gaming.

How TriumphX is a unique marketplace for cryptocurrency than others?

Triumphx (TRIX) is a cryptocurrency that began as a token for gaming products and cash. TriumphX projects are intended and built to digitalize any material as NFTs and allow it to be freely traded. It is an effective Digital Transformation and provides a user compensation program by connecting the NFT market and the Defi market.

One of the most important features of TriumphX is that it entered into a technical agreement with Chainlink to implement dynamic NFT. Chainlink is a decentralized oracle network that securely and reliably connects smart contracts to the blockchain, external (off-chain) data, and systems.

Chainlink will map confirmed match record data to NFT cards via a secure Oracle node’s decentralized network. The block explorer on the TriumphX platform is the first to enable NFT. Integrates with TriumphX’s NFT service and visualizes the NFT’s current condition.

TRIX’s Services

· Cross-Chain marketplace

It is a fully decentralized cross-chain NFT platform. Currently, Triumphx (TRIX) is operating two NFT exchanges: ENFTEE and Sole-X. Operation of Sole-X platform that supports easy NFT issuance and cross-chain transactions through ENFTEE.

· TRIX Staking

Any Sole-X user can stake TRIX tokens that have previously been placed in Sole-X. For all transactions on the Sole-X marketplace, a 5% transaction fee is charged each transaction, and these costs are accrued in real-time. The total fee is paid out in various cryptocurrencies and proportion to the amount staked. The following coins are used to distribute rewards: Tether, Ethereum, TriumphX, Klaytn.

· Safe transaction

This platform provides an immediate P2P transaction feature that does not require buyer and seller confidence. The auction technique includes an escrow feature that allows the profits to be paid out quickly if the auction is successful. Management services and fees are set due to transaction reliability.

· Partnership

TriumphX (TRIX) currently partnered with famous artists and photographers for quality NFT content and partnered with big companies like KFC. KFC Korea intends to use blockchain and near-field communication (NFT) technologies in its branding content. Customers will get NFTs containing various digital forms, including video, art and graphics, and metaverse treasures, from the fast-food business.

Why one should choose TriumphX (TRIX)?

TRIX is a cross-trade and cross-chain marketplace that allows all of the world’s content to be digitalized and traded. Trix’ objective is to unify the marketplace so that consumers may trade NFTs on different blockchains with the maximum level of security and transparency.

This platform will help to identify high-quality NFTs content, improve the interoperability of multiple blockchain settings, and strengthen the TRIX token economy’s long-term viability through the combination of NFT + Defi projects.



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