Top 5 Best Crypto Pump And Dump Telegram Groups For 2023

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Have you been encouraged to join the pump-and-dump cryptocurrency group? Read on to find whether or not pump-and-dump cryptocurrency signals can be trusted before proceeding.

You might make a huge profit or lose everything when trading coins. Don’t put your money at risk by partnering with shady crypto signal suppliers.

The need for cryptocurrency trading is growing. Because of this, pump-and-dump crypto groups continue to grow.

What do signs of pump and dump mean?

Few people know these cryptographic signals, but despite their low volume, they could impact the cryptocurrency’s price.

People typically select Telegram crypto pump and dump groups with higher profitability. Is this the greatest method for picking a crypto signal provider?

Not all signs that promise a significant profit may be trusted.

From automated crypto analysis, crypto monitor, or crypto screener data pump/dump to crypto asset manager with price alerts and indicators.

This pump bot can automatically sell at SL or TP prices upon receiving the pumping coin’s name from a Telegram channel.

It also has a market-making feature that can be used manually.


  • Lightspeed fast Order Execution
  • Fast Automatic Coin Detection
  • Supported on multiple Cryptocurrency Exchanges
  • Easy to Use
  • Pre-Pump Protection
  • Take Profit and Stop Loss for higher profits

The Best Crypto Pump and Dump Groups

Many different pump-and-dump groups are operating in cryptocurrency today, each with strategies and tactics to drive higher prices.

Here, we look at some of the top crypto pump-and-dump groups.

1. Hotbit Pump Signals

Signals for the Hotbit Exchange are sent via text message and have a historical success rate of around 91.5%. Hotbit has the lowest volume yet strong percentage gains.

2. WallStreetBets — Pumps

It historically has an 88.1% win rate, with signals delivered by text and graphics to the KuCoin exchange. They were Binance pumps initially, but they’ve since moved to KuCoin.

The phrase “WallstreetBets” is widely used. Be wary of telegram cryptocurrency scams from people pretending to be members of wallstreetbets. Early on, no coin can be called a “pumped” name. Believe us; we experimented with it firsthand.

3. WallStreetBets Events

When sending signals to the KuCoin Exchange through text/image, the WallStreetBets Events service has a historical success ratio of about 91.1%.

After the market correction on GME and others, the phrase WallstreetBets became widely used, and many pump organisations emerged under this name.

4. Today We Push 🛸

Signals for the KuCoin Exchange, delivered by text/image, have a historical success rate of around 93.2%, which we actively promote today.

They were initially Binance pumps but shifted to KuCoin after seeing a better performance there. Pumps often go by the word “push” as well.

5. Binance Trading Signals

Made the switch to KuCoin as the cryptocurrency market began to plummet.

Given that their massive pump signals feature the well-known Wall Street Bets emblem, these signals are often referred to as Wall Street Bets pumps.


Trading in cryptocurrencies is risky because of the market’s instability. Understanding when to buy and sell can take time and effort.

By monitoring the market’s pricing trends and patterns, telegram groups can offer the finest prospects for investment.

On top of that, they advise clients on whether they should sell or acquire assets based on an evaluation of historical data.



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