Tokyo Drift by 2Sox — A breath of fresh air for music lovers

SoundCloud has allowed so many developing artists to take full control of their musical journey. Some of them are extremely talented at what they do. This brings us to this brilliant piece “Tokyo Drift” by 2 sox.

Tokyo Drift by 2Sox — A breath of fresh air for music lovers

The song is surely becoming the next big thing on the internet. With over 500k plays on Soundcloud, the song is insanely popular on many social media platforms including Instagram. Snippets of the song are featured in thousands of videos online and people are loving every second of it!

2sox has surely done a phenomenal job by blending the styles of Florida Natives and Ski Mask. He has managed to tell an entire story in the span of a few minutes. Starting with the evolving music industry, hopping on to how Naruto gets it and Taylor made it.

With a catchy beat and a hip-hop vibe, Tokyo Drift is surely reverberating through every cell in our body. 2sox is a Canadian rapper from Vancouver. His views about his native town are quite… interesting for the lack of a better word. The “Tokyo Drift: artist adorably calls his town “ratchet ass” or simply “dumbass town”. Our boy here remarked that earning a big name for yourself isn’t the easiest task when you belong to “a ratchet ass town”. But with his aggressive determination, he is somewhat able to make himself a distinguished rapper on various platforms. Although he was certainly turning some heads before, his latest piece Tokyo Drift has certainly earned him greater recognition. Listen to “Tokyo Drift” now on all streaming platforms and be sure to look out for more from 2Sox in the near future.

With the fun beat and the brilliant lyrics, there is literally nothing to criticize about Tokyo Drift. 2sox frequently shares snippets of his songs with his 60k plus followers on Instagram and we just can’t wait to see more of what he has in store for us!

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