The Ravishing World of Oxita


The cryptocurrency world has been on the rise for quite a while and has become increasingly popular as people warm up to the idea of digital currencies and see the potential for growth and currency evolution. As to every innovation, there is both good and bad press surrounding the concept; however, it seems the good surpasses the bad, and the living proof is that the crypto market is the future of fiat currency.

Speaking about the budding crypto market, the Oxita ecosystem is one such project recently launched that offers a whole framework of digital finance platforms under one umbrella. One of the issues that those still new or unfamiliar with the crypto world face is the numerous websites, accounts, wallets and exchanges that are available and required. Oxita aims to solve this problem by creating a user friendly ecosystem that provides everything required, all in one place. Some of the features it consists of is its own wallet, exchange platform, launchpad, NFT Marketplace, and lab.

Oxita is a token that pledges to make the lives of investors easier by providing complete security and easy transaction of funds by reducing transaction costs and unnecessary fees. The platform also promises to make shopping and purchases easier by using the token for all leading physical stores.

Oxita Offerings

Oxita token, will offer multiple services, under one umbrella, to its token holder. Some of these services are listed below:

• NFT Marketplace (MeliNFT) — to buy and sell NFT with full-proof security

• Oxita Wallet (MaliWallet) — to deposit, withdraw or swap the digital assets

• Oxita finances (MeliSwap) — to borrow, lend, or mortgage crypto assets

The Metaverse of Oxita

Metaverse — A 3D virtual environment invented by the Internet. The oxita ecosystem plans to introduce Metaverse for its token holders. Metaverse Is the future of digital marketing, and Oxita enables users to live that experience by providing tokens through games.

As per the company’s official statement,

“In short, this platform will be a virtual society with a digital environment that will imitate the real world in an altogether new setting. Here, you will attend virtual events, trade digital goods, play games, and hang out with other people of the world.”

Oxita Blockchain Infrastructure

The Oxita token is created using the TRON blockchain. TRON is the top five blockchains with more than 52 million accounts; it works on P2P technology, enabling content creators to sell their work directly without any third-party involvement.

How to buy Oxita tokens?


Oxita ecosystem offers tokens in two forms: Liquid Oxita and and Frozen Oxita. This refers to when the tokens are available to be resold, with the latter having a time constraint. The tokens can be easily purchased by downloading the TronLink Pro wallet.

The Frozen token can be bought at discounted rates, but it cannot be traded for eight months. In contrast, Liquid tokens can be sold or traded immediately. This helps stabilize the value of the coin and also give an edge for long term investors.

Oxita Launch Map

1. APRIL 2022 — Oxita smart wallet launching

2. JUNE 2022 — Oxita crypto payment gateway launching

3. AUGUST 2022 — Oxita POS launching

4. OCTOBER 2022 — Oxita game launching

5. DECEMBER 2022 — Oxita Coin launching

Closing words:

Oxita platform will have everything related to the crypto world under a single umbrella. The Oxita ecosystem services will be offered at the highest level of security and transparency as it’s one of the company’s missions to eliminate scams and fraud from the face of the crypto world.

Around 5.6 billions Oxita tokens will be created in the next ten years, out of the 1.5 billion will be divided into three equal parts for the pre-sales stage.



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