The Finest Of Digital Art — Oxita NFTs


The current year that started with pandemic fear ended with the NFT craze. NFTs penetrated the mainstream market much quicker than cryptocurrency, while the digital money remains a controversial topic. Be that as it may, 2021 has snatched many jobs due to the pandemic, but the same year has made many teens millionaires just by creating and selling NFTs.

NFTs in the future of the digital world, and many people are actively embracing the concept by selling their most prized possession as NFTs. Of course, the idea of NFT is crazy, but that pretty much explains the internet of this generation; why would someone spend millions on a JPEG image? So explains the craziness behind the NFTs and their constant boom.

The launch of MeliNFT of Oxita

Oxita is providing a platform for NFT lovers by launching its Oxita Ecosystem. As evident by the name, the ecosystem is where the crypto assets may be lent, borrowed, and mortgaged. The Oxita ecosystem has a crypto exchange, secure wallet, launchpad, NFTs and Metaverse all on a single platform; the users will no longer need to use multiple websites, accounts, and applications.

The MeliNFT is a project of Oxita’s NFT marketplace that will be available on Ethereum while the codes can be accessed at GitHub. As per the company, The NFTs Marketplace of Oxita will allow all the unique items of real-life to be minted on its platform. Following are those real-life items that will warmly be welcomed on MeliNFT:

• Big sports moments

• Arts

• Memes

• Virtual fashion

• Trading cards

• Domain Names

• Video Game items

Oxita’s vision is to create a platform where the NFT users can find the best prices and market their NFT masterpieces of art. The Oxita token runs on the TRON blockchain that runs on P2P technology, which empowers the content creators to sell their work directly to consumers, which in turn helps them in creating their own virtual identity.

Closing thoughts

Oxita’s vision is to eliminate the long list of the required information and the hectic process of digital funds transfer for the token holders of Oxita. Oxita has brought everything under a single umbrella to overcome that hurdle, changing the crypto game for good. When we say under a single umbrella, it means, Oxita is a unique project because it has its wallet, its launchpad, its digital exchange, its decentralized application, and its decentralized finance, its own NFT Marketplace and its Metaverse.

The MeliNFT is a marketplace to trade digital art in the form of NFT. The company has also planned to add a burning feature that can be utilized to thoroughly scrape the NFT from the ecosystem; burning increases the value of NFT by making it scarce — it’s bizarre, right? But what’s more bizarre is people spending millions on an asset with a digital value. Hard to digest, but it is the future that needs to be embraced as soon as possible.



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