Tapni Next-Generation Business Card

Tapni smart cards make a great first impression while allowing you to share all your business details in one tap.

Tapni Next-generation business card

Goodbye to paper cards. By now, you don’t need to hold that old versioned cards in your pocket to distribute to people. Tapni’s next-generation card is on the market to solve your guilt and stress. These smart cards give you freedom. You only have to hold a single piece of card in your pocket. Not like an old paper business card with long business details printed on that card. It is beautifully designed, and information is saved on a chip-on card.

Next-generation business cards

Tapni smart business cards are next-generation business cards. Tapni integrates the properties of new technology. Smart business cards have a digital code printed on them. People can access your business information and other details just by a single click/scan.

Smart business cards need a tap to work. Other individual Tap your card on the phone and gets a link opens with your contact details.

I have found this smart card unique because it is something that adds value to your pocket. Now the trend is changing, and smart things are taking their place. Tapni has every product according to the requirement of this digital era. Their other products like tapni keychains and tapni stickers are also performing the same functions. Tapni enables sharing information on mobile through a single tap on a smart card via NFC or a QR code.

The working procedure of the tapni smart card is the exact as tapni stickers’.

A smart card has a chip inside that wirelessly send your information to the phone

Scan smart business card codes on phone

All links will be shown on your phone

Click on links to get details

Details include links to social media profiles etc.

Or payment details

You are most welcome by Tapni to compose your desired card. You can contact Tapni’s official website to place your order. The tapni offers you the alternative of various colours and logo designs. You can decide on one of them, or also you can amplify your idea to the card’s design. If you are not happy with tapni designs, you should send them a new design. Tapni will create a smart card on your given design for sure.

There is no restriction on how many numbers of times you can use this card. As many times you feel the need for use, you can use your tapni smart business card. For this, you don’t have to be tense about extra or hidden fees. As I said, it is one-time spending with lifetime easiness.

Tapni’s smart business cards are nature-loving. It protects the environment by eliminating the risk of cutting trees. Let’s see how? You can use one tapni smart card several times, unlike other paper cards where you have to print new and new cards to distribute. You don’t need to print new paper cards that are thrown in the bin. No more paper cards mean no more cutting of trees for paper, and the ground will be not clogged with papers. Hence we can live in a safe and oxygenated environment.

Let’s have a look at a few frequently existing questions. These questions will help you to understand Tapni smart card and its using system in a much better way. Let’s begin;

Is shipping for Tapni smart card is free?

Yes, shipping is free throughout Europe. Tapni is expanding its services in other countries as well. Hence, if you live outside Europe, you can still expect to have Tapni smart card in your country.

Is tapni smart business card inexpensive?

You don’t need to pay again and again as you pay for a paper card. For smart cards, you only need to pay one time. These smart cards are lenient and accessible for all.

Tapni Next-generation business card

You can use it on any iOS or Android phone with the latest version. The only requirement to use the smart card is a QR code scanner. The smart card has both NFC and a QR code on the back.

This is the most favorite feature of this card. You can revise and adjust your cards details at any time. After the shipping of your card, you will get your automated email and login details. Use that email account to update your cards details. Updated details will reflect on the phone at the same time of modification.

Tapni is the next-generation smart business card. Deliver you a fast way of information sharing system. Other Don’t need to have the tapni app to acquire your Details. Share your business links in one tap without boundaries and be truly boundless only with Tapni.



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