Skurpy — A New Social Media Platform for Crypto And NFTs

Skurpy — A New Social Media Platform for Crypto And NFTs

Are you looking for a place where you can learn the latest about NFTs and crypto currency’s while engaging with people and expanding your portfolio

Then SKURPY is the platform for you! is a platform where you can build a community for your project absolutely FREE. Each group has their own live chat where people can connect with the project creator and other people in it.

Skurpy combines a bunch of your favorite social media features all in one. It has a constant rolling feed, personalized profiles and live-chatting abilities to stay connected.

But here’s the best part — is free!

One of the main reasons to use the site is to try and find potential gem projects with a lot of potential. There are plenty of unknown artists trying to gain exposure for their work. You don’t have to be a project creator to use Skurpy. It’s great for waking up in the morning, drinking a coffee and surfing the feed. Anyone can use Skurpy. There is no barrier to entry.

Learning about NFTs

Crypto is a wild and dangerous place. It is important to connect with experienced people as the world continues to evolve. Skurpy gives you the ability to live chat with project creators so you can hear directly from the source!

Support Artists

With all the hype of NFTs and Crypto, people are coming forward with their art pieces. Skurpy shows full support by interacting, appreciating, and buying their creations. If you’re an artist, you know how hard it is to market your talent and get recognized.

Well, Skurpy has got your back! Skurpy gives users a free ground to promote their art the way they want.

There is a discover page on the website, which showcases all of the NFTs ever uploaded on Skurpy in one spot. You can find art you like in just one click!

Crypto Currency Groups

It’s very hard to find out about smaller crypto tokens and coins. There are thousands of cryptocurrencies launched every week. But you can come across smaller cap projects that show great potential. This is still a completely unregulated market. On Skurpy you will have access to a bunch of groups dedicated to all of the large crypto currencies where you can talk about them, and live chat with other people interested as well.

Skurpy has gained over 3000 members during its first month and developed over 250 groups. The company hasn’t even spent any money on marketing. Achieving this milestone with no paid promotions or advertising is a testament to the quality of the product. The future of Skurpy is limitless. Social media platforms today have turned small businesses into brands and common people into influencing personalities. Now Skurpy can turn crypto-creators dreams into reality.

Join Skurpy today and invite your fellow Crypto & NFT enthusiasts!




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