Sayches- A Microblogging Social Media Platform For Ephemeral Content


In this virtual era, social media is getting on our nerves and becoming an essential part of our life. But if you know how it is stealing your privacy, you probably become scared to use it. Don’t you ever notice? Whether It’s Facebook, Snapchat, or Twitter, they take access to all of your media and files while signing up.

Well, that’s not happening with Sayches, as it allows you to “ Say Cheese” and communicate with your peers without getting worried about any privacy concerns. So, let’s learn more about the Sayches platform and the features it provides to safeguard your digital privacy.

What is Sayches?

Sayches is the ephemeral or anonymous social media platform for microblogging. It provides you with the freedom of speech and vanishes your post within 24 hours, not holding you accountable for your words. It gives you relaxation and flexibility to share your thoughts, escaping fake propaganda and twisted narratives.

How to register with Sayches?

The process of registration is pretty simple. You need to search the Sayches on your browser. After that, click on the signup button, give your email, username, password, and fill in the captcha to confirm your identity. After that, you’ll get a verification email, and then you are free to explore this platform.

How to customize your post?

One of the most excellent features that differentiate Sayches from others is to enable the user to customize their post. Clicking on select fair will give you several options (shown in fig) that help your audience to understand you.

In addition to that, Sayches allows you to post any media, conduct a poll or give shout outs to any person. The option is similar to tagging someone on FB or Instagram, but it’s the more advanced way to wish or appreciate someone while maintaining your privacy.


Now let’s know those features that guarantee you extra privacy.

Ephemeral Content Creation

Ephemeral content is anything that disappears in a short time. On Sayches, you can decide your content display limit. It can be 72, 48, or 24 hours. It’s fantastic for on-the-go use since it allows you to keep posting without overcrowding your main feed, and viewers feel like they’re immersed at the moment, seeing something true and real.


Go Anonymous with Incognito Mode

Do you want to convey something to your friends, family without even them knowing it’s you? Sounds crazy? Believe me, you can do this in real, with Sayches Incognito mode. This mode allows you to post anything by hiding your identity. It can be a sarcastic note or something you don’t dare say to someone or any political or religious view you want to share without being labeled hypocritical. You can tell everything that you want others to listen to with a secret identity. But make sure it isn’t some fake or false conspiracy. Otherwise, severe action will be taken by the platform owners.


Warrant Canary Icon Protects your Information.

Warrant canary icon present on the top of your profile, ensuring your information isn’t shared with any secret intelligence agency or government. The Sayches is one of the first platforms that introduce this feature, protecting all of your data and records.


Deactivation of your account after 12 months.

Sayches will automatically deactivate your account if you don’t get activated for 12 months. You can also set this limit to 1 or 6 months. The purpose of this function is to secure your account and make sure it’s under your observation.


Final words.

To sum up, Sayches’ purpose is to “create the Internet a better place for everyone” by respecting our human rights to privacy, anonymity, and openness without compromise.

Cryptocurrency| Digital Marketing| Artist Biography| Startup

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Sibca Awan

Sibca Awan

Cryptocurrency| Digital Marketing| Artist Biography| Startup

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