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Save The People
Save The People

Save the People ($STP), as unique as its name, is a unique and different project that is very intelligently devised for the poker head(s) community. The idea behind this project is intrinsic; it does not rely on the investors to increase the cash flow; in fact, it takes things into its own hands to enhance the output.

Keep going; you will understand the concept coherently.

Mechanism Of Action

The plot is simple, no one in the crypto world has ever thought to generate the revenue itself; to enhance the token’s value intact, they relied on the investors to contribute a significant investment towards their cycle that will ensure a good cash flow in the ecosystem. Hence increasing the worth of the token.

Instead of relying on investors, the owners of $STP will become investors by creating businesses worldwide and generating streams of income that will flow into the token. The out-of-the-box plan will attract investors due to minimum risk and maximum reliability. Following the approach, the investors can easily make 10x-200x within the first 6 months after launch.

Distribution Of Funds

The revenue generated from the businesses will be divided into three parts; half part, that is 50 percent, will go towards the maintenance and running of the business while the remaining half will be split into two sections, one to be given to charity and the other will be used to pump the coin, that is 25 percent each.

That process makes the STP owners the investors and the holder of the coins the co-owners of the businesses they hold. If they hold the token, their revenue will be increased with the company’s revenue. Hence, resulting in more cash flow in the ecosystem.

The charity wallet will also be used to market our charity campaigns and show the world who we are. This way we will help people who are in need but also get the attention of new investors.

Transparency Ensured

Nowadays, project owners want to keep their identity secret for many reasons they maintain anonymity. But, here at STP we maintain transparency, and every bit of detail will be shared with the community.

On our YouTube channel, we will document our whole Journey and will document how the funds are being spent. We will bring forward all the behind-the-scenes activities to attract more investors to our project. We will have various marketing strategies to increase our popularity.



Token Name: Save The People

Token Symbol: STP

Contract Address: TBA

Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)

Max Supply: 1,000,000.000

Slippage and Taxes

The fee is 10% for selling and 10% for buying transactions. These tokens will be transferred into Marketing Wallet (5%) and Charity Wallet (5%). Marketing wallet will be used for development purposes such as marketing, CEX listing, buyback, and burn, and Charity Wallet will be used for charity campaigns.

10% to buy

10% to Sell

0% from wallet to wallet.

Pre-Sale on Pink sale

Before we launch on pancakeswap, the token will go live as a pre-sale on PinkSale. There is an excellent chance that the pre-sale won’t last long because there will be a lot of hype around this project by that time. If you want to participate in the pre-sale, it’s essential to be there on time, set your clock, and get a hold of your tokens as soon as the pool opens.

If everything goes according to plan, the pre-sale will start on 20th of January 2022 around 15:00 UTC. Through the Pink sale platform, we will be doxxed and KYC’ed, which will give an extra guarantee of our integrity.

Softcap: 250BNB. Hardcap: 500BNB.

Minimum buy: 0.1 BNB

Maximum buy: 2 BNB

Token Utility

In order to avoid being manipulated, $STP is designed to be as autonomous from the system as feasible. Our plan is to open a chain of cannabis/CBD shops. We will mostly be targeting big cities with a high population.

Customers will be asked to keep a particular quantity of $STP tokens in their wallets in exchange for a discount. To redeem their discount, customers must maintain their tokens.

The project, save the people, is developed while keeping people’s convenience in mind. Many projects are either too ratty or too deceiving to comprehend their authenticity. This project will be open to everyone, with no anonymity and secrets attached.

Save the People ($STP) will save the masses from spending their hard-earned money unnecessarily; instead, it will provide them with a platform to put their assets to use and invest them intelligently in the blockchain ecosystem.

Who is saving the people?

My name is Haron, 26 years, living in the Netherlands. I own three businesses, and crypto has always been a significant interest of mine; trial and error have brought me to a point where I feel like showing reality to the world — giving them a break from the so-called virtual world that holds no value in the real world.

My project will be unique and different; nothing will be anonymous, everything will be crystal clear in front of the platform users, and they will own the custody of our developed businesses.

Join Our Team.

$STP is hiring kind hearted volunteers who are willing to help us on managing our community.

Please reach out to Haron if you want to help us out and become a moderator.

Find more about $STP at;





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