Rugged Computer — The Industrial PC for Harsh Environment

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It comes as no surprise that we live in an age where computers have revolutionized the whole of our lifestyle. Even we can hardly find any discipline in our lives that could survive without the interference of computers.

Standard desktop computers need to be handled with meticulous care and proper maintenance. But when the use of computers turns to the industrial sector, we expect a harsh environment featured with extreme temperatures and a dusty environment.

A Rugged Computer is a specialized computer that can perform complex tasks while maintaining durability and reliability in harsh industrial conditions.

It is configured with specialized features to withstand the challenges it might face in an industrial environment. These can be uncontrolled extreme temperature, irregular power input, vibrations, humidity, corrosion, ingression, and abrasion.

In a rugged computer, certain technological advancements are being made, like the addition of heat sinks, solid-state cooling, and the introduction of rugged materials. These enable a rugged computer to survive extreme temperature changes, continuous vibrations, intense physical shocks, water exposure, dust ingress, and many more that a regular desktop computer could never sustain.

Rugged computers are configured with the latest thermal engineering techniques to ensure optimal performance in extremely high or low temperatures.

These enable them to withstand extreme temperature fluctuations that can range from as low as -40°C to as high as 85°C.

The unique mechanical design of a rugged computer has eliminated the use of most of the movable components to survive physical shocks and constant vibrations. It uses Solid-State Storage Drives (SDD) instead of Hard Disk drives (HDD) and fan less configurations that ensure resistance to physical shocks. Thus, it provides reliable solutions for transportation purposes.

Rugged computers often have to encounter the continuous ingression of dust and humidity in an industrial environment. Fully sealed keyboards, solid-state vent less cooling, and fan less design obstruct the entry of foreign particles. Scratch-resistant screens are being introduced in rugged computers that are readable even in sunlight.

It can support a wide input power fluctuation range and DC power supply that enables them to deploy in the environment with inconstant power input. In a nutshell, the incredible features of rugged computers do not end here.

A rugged computer is precisely designed for any sector or industry characterized by uncontrolled harsh environmental conditions.

From ingression to improper handling, a rugged computer can withstand any of the challenges of your industrial environment. Along with its reliability and incredible durability, it still maintains its efficient performance and optimized activity.



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