“Popular Topics To Start Blogging On” In 2020

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Blogging can be a very satisfying activity if you are fully dedicated to it and really enjoy what you blog about. But getting started and remaining focused on a specific subject, in the beginning, is something of a challenge to a lot of people.I can certainly give you a boost by helping you narrow down your choice of subject matter and focus. To do that, we’ll answer a common question:

What are the most popular blog types?

I’ve gathered a list of 26 famous blog styles and a little bit of knowledge about each one so you can find out which one is a better fit for what you want to do.

Starting a blog has never been easier. There are loads of user-friendly blogging platforms to choose from. You can literally be set up with your own domain, hosting, email, and blog in just 30 mins. Take a look at Hostgator or Bluehost to see just how easy it is to get up and running with your blog.

With that goal in mind, let’s dive right in.

* Specific workout plans to target problem areas.
* Supplements that can help their readers get the most out of their workout.
* Various types of diet plans as well as tips and tricks for sticking to them.
* Recipes and menu planning.
* Sharing scientific studies focused on various aspects of fitness.

These blogs can be very broad in nature, but the most successful ones tend to focus in on a specific subject, such as:

* Home maintenance hacks.
* Landscaping.
* Woodworking.
* Welding.
* Arts and crafts.
* Construction.

My favorite DIY Blog is Paper & Stitch

Sports blogs tend to focus on specific sports, specific sports teams, or even specific players or participants. The more popular sports tend to be well covered and those who have established blogs have a loyal readership, making it tough to break into those areas, but there are niches within them and sports that do not garner as much attention where you might buildup your own audience.

These blogs tend to look at such aspects as:

* Saving and retirement planning.
* Budgeting and expense planning.
* Investment advice.
* Loans.
* Building up capital.
* Long-term planning.
* Insurance and securities.

My favorite finance-related blog is SaveTheStudent. I love blogs that do things differently or target audiences that you’d never think would be so popular.

The single topic on most people’s minds on a daily basis is politics. Politics tends to stir up passion about as much as or more so than any other subject matter. Those who step into the world of blogging about politics had better be thick-skinned and able to handle themselves well when confronted with differing opinions.

My top pick for a Politics Blog is Guido Fawkes — Order-Order.com

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A subject matter that is also very popular among bloggers and readers alike is the fashion blog. Those who have an eye for fashion, fashion trends,or even alternative fashion can find a home within this style of the blog

Many food blogs concentrate on various types of recipes and cooking as well, including:

  • Baking.
    * Cultural cuisine.
    * Diet and health-focused recipes.
    * Party and holiday cooking.
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The most successful food blog tend to have found a particular niche and establish the authority of the author as an expert in that particular type of cuisine.

Everyone likes to get away to new and exciting destinations. Regardless of whether they are retired and exploring the world, taking their family to the very best vacation spots, or looking for the best place to honeymoon, travelers are always looking for the very best. The very best can include:

* Discounted airfare, hotels or rentals.
* Vacation and holiday packages with the highest quality and service.
* Dream getaways.
* Most exotic places.
* Places that provide for plenty of adventure and new discoveries.

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It has been said that music is food for the soul. That must certainly be true because just about everybody cherishes some sort of music or rabidly follows some musician, group,or band. Because of this, those who know music and have a passion for sharing that passion and knowledge might make a place for themselves blogging about music or specific musicians.

My top pick for a Travel Blog is Dan Flying Solo

One of the most commonly read sections of local and national newspapers and commonly visited channels in your cable package has to deal with lifestyles. No doubt it is our curiosity of how the other half lives that drives this fascination with lifestyles.

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Regardless of the motivation, if you love exploring various lifestyles and cultures, you are probably a good fit for this type of blog. Topics included in lifestyle blogs revolve around:

* Local events.
* Cultural events.
* Arts and crafts.
* Archeology and artifacts.
* Local history.
* Human interest stories..

Business Blogging

Business blogging is highly competitive and requires a fairly high level of expertise and some pretty impressive credentials if you are going to be among those rated at the top.

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However, there are plenty of niches within the world of business that you can zero in on and establish yourself as an expert. You will be best served to start with small and locally based subject matter and work your way up, unless you have already built a name for yourself in the business world. Stick to what you know and let that drive your business blog.

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Though a lot of what is involved in this type of blog is health and fitness-focused, the primary objective of a natural remedies blog is to examine the various health benefits of certain foods, herbs, spices, and compounds as alternative forms of medicine. These blogs tend to focus on either preventative measures, remedies, ora combination of the two.

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This is probably the broadest category of blogs possible for obvious reasons. There are innumerable hobbies of all sorts. Some hobbies are a lot more common and popular than others, which makes it a lot easier to find an audience. However, there are less popular hobbies that don’t often get the coverage that the big ones receive.

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There is plenty of uncertainty in our modern world. Natural disasters, political upheaval and economic crises abound. Being prepared to face the various challenges of providing your home with an alternative power source, being able to grow and store your own food, or being able to filter contaminated water are just the beginning of the types of subjects covered in prepper and survivalist blogs.

Blogs Focused on News and Current Events

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News and current events blogs often focus on local events, scientific and technological breakthroughs, politics, religion, or cultural events. Local or regional type blogs can cover a broader range of subjects, but those who hope to be exposed on a national or international stage will want to pick a particular subject matter as their niche and stick to it to build their audience.

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