PETS Project — The Evolution is coming!

Text based NFTs are taking the space by storm but no one is doing it quite like PETS. Whereas other text based NFT collections are solely created with RPG utility usage in mind for the future, PETS doesn’t back itself into any one corner. The original idea behind PETS was to allow the community to dictate where the project goes and how PETS can be utilized in the future. With each passing day, the creators and the community are coming together to manifest that reality.

The first 2,500PETS were minted in less than 48 hours! Once the remaining 7,500 PETS have been minted, the creators mentioned that they plan on rolling out phase two of their RoadMap which they are keeping under wraps right now. However, they have teased that the next phase will be called “The Evolution” and it will somehow “bring your PET to life”. One can only assume that they are going to be releasing a visual version of the first collection, but that is yet to be seen. Personally, I am so excited to see where this next phase takes the project!

With a total of 20 animals to be minted in numerous different variations, collectors can rest assured that their PET will be one of ten thousand 100% unique NFTs. With an engaging Discord community and creators always on hand to tend to / take suggestions from the community, it’s no wonder that PETS is starting to garner the attention that it is.

Pictured below is an example of, based on the 3 stars, a rare PET…

You can mint a PET now for 0.04 ETH + Gas. Once the entire collection of PETS has been minted, “The Evolution” will take place and I, for one, will be there. Will you be hodling when the time comes?


Originally published at on September 25, 2021.



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