Oxitaxi: Experience Hustle Free Rides

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Oxita ecosystem brings one-of-its-kind ride-hailing service — Oxitaxi. One of the best innovative ideas to trade cryptocurrency in the real world. Oxitaxi is safe, Oxitaxi is reliable, and Oxitaxi is the most convenient mode of travel.

Oxitaxi is a project of the Oxita ecosystem that offers many other crypto projects on its platform, including exchange, crypto wallets, NFT Marketplace, and many more. Oxitaxi uses the same criteria as other ride-hailing services, except the amount can be paid in tokens.

es, You read it right! A ride-hailing service has a crypto trading option. Isn’t it plain brilliant? All you have to do is install the Oxita app, book a ride, and there you go. So enjoy travelling with Oxitaxi and pay with your token — like a regal crypto user.

It’s safe. It’s convenient

The obvious concern with the service mentioned above is the safety and reliability. Most people, especially women, suffer from harassment incidents. But, at the same time, they board a ride, or most of the time, people are looted during the ride, and it happens so smoothly that even the person travelling next to you won’t notice.

We are aware of all these concerns, and to tackle that, we are incorporating a safety feature within the app that can be immediately utilized in case of any emergency. So the rides are kept safe for you, and any incident would be dealt with with utmost urgency.

After strict scrutiny, we actively recruit drivers involving background checks and identity verifications. Your safety is our priority, and we pledge to make your everyday safer by bringing the latest innovations in our technology that will guarantee your safety and security.

Oxitaxi Offerings

We are offerings various rides from four wheels to two wheels to 18-wheel freight deliveries. It is not only about the rides; we also introduce essential deliveries, including; food takeouts, medicines, groceries, or any other essential daily items.

Photo by Vladimir Proskurovskiy on Unsplash

Oxitaxi is also offering promo codes throughout the year and on special holidays, so you can make hassle-free trips with your loved ones at the cheapest and most affordable rates of all time. In addition, you will also earn reward points from Oxitaxi; the more rides you take, the more points you earn. The reward points can be used to shop for your favorite items are they can also be donated for a better cause.

Oxitaxi is a safe and easy everyday commute that offers low rates and top-notch security protocols. Oxitaxi can be used for various purposes other than just travelling; it can be used for food, grocery deliveries, and many more.

Oxitaxi wants the world to see the future through their services; when a user book Oxitaxi ride from Oxita’s app, it will give them an option to pay via crypto tokens. That itself is an excellent achievement in a world that takes crypto as a hoax.

Enjoy Oxitaxi, Recommend it to your friends and family, and obviously, Safe travels!

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