O Racks Finds Success With FIFTY1SIX STANDS

O Racks

O Racks is a New York Rapper on the rise who is no stranger to the hard knocks life. Overcoming tragedy and near-death experience his story is something that you only read about books or see in movies. We take a look behind the scenes and into the life of the young rapper to learn more of his shocking story.

Hi, O Racks & Welcome To Medium!

What can you tell us about your project?

My album drops Jan. 27th with 10 songs & only 2 features on it. The album is called FIFTY1SIX. I chose that name because FIFTY1SIX STANDS FOR 516 which is my area code to my hometown Hempstead New York. So I’m basically representing Hempstead Long Island by calling it FIFTY1SIX. It’s Tree Gang Lingo

What do you hope people learn from you as an artist?

I hope my listeners get a better understanding of me & my story because I came from the bottom & made it out from being locked up, to hospital beds, to being broke, & watching people die in my face. I hope they can really feel the pain & struggle through my music.

What is it about making music that draws such passion from you?

The fact I could be my self & vent what I been through & experienced. I think that’s what draws such passion it’s like therapy

What’s next for you?

I got a lot more music coming a lot more videos & also content for the fans also looking into doing a YouTube movie/show coming soon. Also, have some new artist signed to tree gang entertainment so stay tuned for them

We’re moved by O Racks story and invite you to read more about him:





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Sibca Awan

Sibca Awan

Cryptocurrency| Digital Marketing| Artist Biography| Startup

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