My Experience With Online Survey Software

Surveys are an important tool for businesses to evaluate their consumers’ views and modify their operations to suit market demands. Using the internet to conduct these surveys is an excellent method for firms to speed up and enhance the accuracy of their research. Fortunately, the online survey software allows creating and distributing questions on the internet cost-efficient and simple for organizations of all sizes.

My Experience with Online Survey Software

Browsing through millions of survey software is not a piece of cake. You may come across different software; some do not offer the required survey features, others don’t give enough flexibility to design, some don’t clarify their features, and some charge double than they offer.

Last month, I faced these issues when I was constantly hunting for a perfect online survey software that would assist me in creating a helpful customer satisfaction survey for my business. I required it to use it as a medium for communication with my clients and know their preferences better. There was a phase I was extremely disappointed with online survey software and their lack of features until AkioSurvey became the ultimate solution to all my issues and did not let me settle for less.

AkioSurvey is a free online survey tool that did not give me a hard time understanding their features; the website has sections where they have explained their features, working, and prices with clarity. The FAQ section was of great help. It made my experience much easy and self-explanatory.

AkioSurvey allows you to receive feedback easily by creating a survey in only seven steps. These seven steps are divided into separate headings where they have talked about how to proceed with each.

Features of AkioSurvey

AkioSurvey is a crisp, intuitive, and easy-to-use user interface. It guarantees respondent identification, response disqualification, secure communication, and 14 question types that permit you to be open with your survey so that nothing remains unanswered.

With AkioSurvey, you can even customize your survey’s graphical design according to your company’s required colours and fonts. These company logos are permitted to be used in the survey’s header as well. AkioSurvey is designed with the mobile-first approach, which means a respondent can perform a survey from any device type.

AkioSurvey offers both public and private surveys. If your survey is public, then anyone can respond to it, and it goes the opposite with private surveys. Their public surveys are available on their website; you can view them and even grab some ideas! They keep your data safe; it is not provided to any third parties, mined or aggregated.

I found AkioSurvey to be extremely authentic and finest as an online survey software.

Typical use cases

AkioSurvey is a free online survey tool that covers templates for all kinds of common surveys. Here is a list for most of them:

  • Customer satisfaction survey
  • Employee engagement survey
  • Scheduling poll
  • Student survey
  • 360-degree survey
  • Online market research survey
  • Patient satisfaction survey


After going through such amazing features and the authenticity of the AkioSurvey, I was certain that their prices must be touching the sky. It was a shock to learn how wrong I was. They provide three packages, and I had to rub my eyes to see if I read correctly that the first one is free.

It gives you a bunch of options with a capacity of 10 questions and ten surveys! You can always opt for the free package as a beginner because a try never hurts, especially when the trial is free of cost.

The standard and premium packages come with even vast features, and the price is extremely affordable compared to the amazing experience they are offering. There is a list of responsibilities that AkioSurvey takes care of with these packages.



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