Multi-Millionaire Martians Club — A New Booming NFT Project In Metaverse Evolution

“MMMC intends to create the first extended reality metaverse based on human inclinations like curiosity, vision, community, ideological enthusiasm, vitality, romance and creativity “— Founder of MMMC, NFTBADBOY.

We have high-definition 3D artwork and a Partying-To-Earn game that our community will be able to play. Members can earn $MMMC tokens by having parties with their community in the Metaverse, which has never been done before. 
Varsity & Raincoat wearing Martian Nft

The entire world is delighted to establish metaverses in the fall of 2021. We feel the same way! We’re also creating the Multi-Millionaire Martians Club — The Metaverse Of Dreamers



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