Moonriver BAYC, One Of It’s Kind — A Derivative Project You Should Pay Attention To

Although MoonriverBayc is not linked with BAYC, we honor them.

Moon This, Moon That! — a collection of one-of-a-kind rares.

Background conversation


Color adjustments were also included in MoonriverBAYC’s metadata to avoid duplicating results during the generating process. This was a crucial step towards ensuring uniqueness. The comparison of the new dictionary of 100 unusual MoonriverBAYC characters was made possible thanks to the collection of BAYC’s metadata.

Amendments should be designed and fine-tuned.

Before creating the MoonriverBAYC collection, we discovered design faults that were rectified. Moonriver BAYC has arrived to add to the Metaverse’s ever-expanding refinement, distinctiveness, and expansion.

We took 10,000 photographs from the BAYC collection and dissected them to create a collection that ensures each Moonriver ape is unique.

Revenue Share

With implementing our smart contract, we will begin a 5% revenue share of all minting transactions, which will be automatically split and dispersed to existing holders. Those of you who are early adopters will practically get yours for free!

Website Improvements

Users can mint MoonriverBAYC apes on an independent website that we’re launching. The user interface components are currently in the final phases of development, and stress testing will begin soon.

Road Map

The Launch

There will be no such thing as a whitelist. There will be no presale purchase. There will be no restriction on the number of mints available. MoonriverBAYC will be revealed right away.

Stealth launch? Highly probable

Max Supply: 10,100



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