Moment FPV- The First And Only FPV Drone Cinematography NFT Collection

What is the Moment-FPV cinematography NFT collection?


Before we jump into details of the Moment FPV drone cinematography NFT collection, in the first place, let’s understand what an NFT is.

NFT stands for non-fungible token. It’s a unique digital asset that can range from art and images to videos clips and music albums. NFTs can be bought and sold for cryptocurrency or money; However, the blockchain keeps all the records of tokens that are transferred.

Moment FPV-drone cinematography NFT collection:

This broad-brushstrokes overview of NFTs is all that’s needed for even those new to blockchain technology to tap into the groundbreaking potential of Moment-FPV’s cinematography NFT collection.

FPV stands for ‘’Flying First-Person View’’. captured by drones used for photography, security purposes. With this innovative project backed by GoPro, Moment FPV is collaborating with the world’s top 30 drone pilots to create a brilliant collection of adrenaline-packed cinematography for their revolutionary NFT collection on the Ethereum Blockchain.

FPV cinematography works exactly the same way that other NFTs do, and Moment-FPV is unique because it’s the first platform to declare FPV cinematography openly as an NFT collection. Moment FPV is offering investors an exceptional opportunity to mint and own any of the 300+ thrilling moments captured around the globe. All of the clips are captured by the 30 best FPV pilots on the planet.

A groundbreaking investment:

Moment FPV’s mission is to give 30 world-class FPV creators an unprecedented chance to capitalize their cinematography in the form of an NFT collection. Each video clip is between five and ten seconds long, featuring full sound design and epic aerial cinematography. Aggregately, the NFT collection showcases the remarkable skills and individual video-piloting styles of 30 talented creators as they weave their fascinating stories. It is the first creator-backed FPV drone cinematography NFT collection on all the blockchains.

In a bold move, Moment FPV has partnered with GoPro, manufacturer of the most versatile high-performance cameras on the market. GoPro will be awarding 60 lucky Moment FPV investors with a top-of-the-line HERO10 Black action camera — the most powerful GoPro ever. Investors can win a GoPro by minting one of 60 NFTs featuring a GoPro logo on it.

Don’t miss it:

If you love iconic and exhilarating moments in nature, then you should be one of the fortunate few to own an iconic Moment FPV NFT. You’ll need a desktop device or laptop to install a supportive Ethereum wallet browser extension. Moment FPV supports MetaMask browser extensions.

Contact details:

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