Meet The New In Town: I Spy Waldo NFT


Gaming NFTs have taken an enormous raise and not merely in its hype but the scope and benefits as well. Non-fungible tokens have made gaming extraordinarily productive and innovative for beginners and experienced users.

It has expanded its presence broadly in the current gaming world, continuing in advanced plans holding the worth of millions in cryptocurrency.

Enhancing NFT in games and leveling its presence in the market up, “I SPY Waldo NFT” is an NFT that is connected with a play-to-earn game based on maps. We are designed to let gamers earn $WALDO coins, rewards, and a lot of NFTs!

Let’s uncover more about our project!

I SPY Waldo:

I SPY Waldo is brimming with the beautifully designed colorful characters in the 3D landscape world. Our motto is to make people gain the most of our creations. We have over 200 NFT traits and characters available that are individually and equally unique, fitting perfectly in current and upcoming trends.


Giving a glimpse of our future characters, users can view them through searching the 3D maps and adding them to their collection of NFTs quickly.

Updates and Interactions:

We plan to be in touch with our users by updating them about our recent changes and releases. Our messages will be delivered to the gamers through our discord channel. We plan to be consistent and launch new maps incorporating more characters, including Mr. Waldo, Ms. Waldo, Zombie Waldos, and Kids Waldos. These characters are each fabricated with the latest idea of creativity and preferences of our users. Apart from this, the increase in characters enhances the opportunity for the gamers to get their hands over the NFTs and make versatile benefits through it.

Minting Goals:

Live public mint is TBA.

The minting plan for I SPY Waldo NFTs is rechecked, revised, and upgraded to be in the gamers’ interest. We have broken everything down into the following,

  • 25% is planned to be given away as a gift to some active discord members, and 0.5 ETH will be gifted to an OG Waldo taking part in our whitelist.
  • 50%- Another 100 discord users will be gifted 0.01 ETH
  • 75%- 100 Waldos are locked up in the map, which the users can avail once they find it.
  • 100%- Donated to the most voted children’s charity.

Whitelist Presale:

The whitelist presale is TBA. There will be over 1500 NFTs available to be collected. The cost of this presale will be 0.03 ETH. The users entering the whitelist sale will get airdropped one of 100 NFTs.


I SPY Waldo allows its users to be as versatile in their NFT as they can be! The game is enjoyable and best for people who are fond of maps. The game would aim to find Waldo, and through the search, the players will earn many rewards.

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Cryptocurrency| Digital Marketing| Artist Biography| Startup

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Sibca Awan

Sibca Awan

Cryptocurrency| Digital Marketing| Artist Biography| Startup

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