Meet Mark Certified — The Goat of Viral Marketing

Meet Mark Certified — The Goat of Viral Marketing
Meet Mark Certified — The Goat of Viral Marketing

He is passionate about leading his clients by helping them create a brand of their own with utmost sincerity. His footprints are still prevalent and will be as he moves on with some bigger plans for the future.

Whilst running creative marketing campaigns for some of the industry's most booming artists, Mark has gained major insight on how to shape ideology and marketing methods for his clients. Thus, it’s the time to get in tune with the Industries leading Marketing minds, as we examine how his company Viral Goats can help you define your brand.

Growing the Brand

Viral Goats founder Mark has been successfully able to shape the narrative of the market with his major growth methods in online platforms including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and many more. His clients have seen tremendous growth in numbers — some have even experienced millions and millions of monthly fan retention. Mark has always been there to help his clients develop an identity of their own. He helps create plans that demonstrate the unique qualities of each client's art and helps broadcast these qualities to mass audiences. Every second, he thrives to help artists reach viral audiences. This ensures that Viral Goats maintains the satisfaction of the Artist and hold it as the topmost priority.

Creating a Change

“The change subsides in the art of the artist that drives the tone of realism.” Mark’s daily challenge is to create a change in the market and to hold the same trust and belief in the mind of the individuals. Mark uses his experience and rigorous hard work to mark a long-lasting change in the digital marketing and entertainment industries. Mark spends time knowing each and every detail that pertains to each social media platform. This helps him give his artists the most advantages when creating marketing plans. Mark helps Artists create a true digital identity of their own.

Mark has always headed towards Digital Technology and Music which stood out as the two crucial parameters for him. He stood forth to recognize the new talents and give them a break. Helping the good has always been the goal of the Viral Goats Founder. He, through years, has shaped the branding of vivid talents across the world, leading the charge of digital marketing, talent discovery, and music management; he always moves to show young eager talents what it takes to attain lasting acclaim. Viral Goats thrives from putting artists, influencers and brands around the world in positions to win.

The Power of Content

No one quite understands the power of perfectly curated content to spread the individuality of an Artist, the way Viral Goats founder Mark does. He has spent hundreds of hours testing and vetting content with a strategic purpose of generating revenue for their agency, and in turn, they have learned algorithms to maximize the exposure to prospects, maximize the attention, and maximize the earning potential on various social media platforms. Mark believes effective social media marketing is still an underutilized feature for businesses in the Advertising sphere, they give a more direct channel to connect with your customers and potential prospects. It can also give you the ability to directly build influence with anyone interested in your services or products.

The Utmost Goal

Mark’s goal is to keep expanding brands, creating marketing initiatives, and helping artists. Working each minute to shape them and create their identity, He wants to maintain and bolster the creative aspect to his marketing campaigns. Mark wants to continue artists and brands, as he thrives to inspire and respect the Artist with utmost sincerity.

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