Meet Crypto Safe Token — The New BEP20 charity Token That Will Help Poor Children Around The World

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In this era revolving and nourishing under the shadow of cryptocurrencies, charity options should also fascinate the world as a branch of this shady tree of cryptocurrency.

Keeping the terms and protocols of the present age under consideration, it has been observed that the members of crypto clubs should be empowered and grow up on the platform of cryptocurrencies.

In other words, it can also be stated that just like many other significant aspects of life which has been shifted towards the crypto-associated platforms, the charity must also be nourished through the cryptocurrencies. This noble cause has been kept under consideration by the only platform entitled crypto safe token.

When it comes to the charity-based tokens, then it will never be wrong to state that this noble cause has been first considered by the crypto safe token, which has made it the best community around the globe the best charity token holders. In other words, crypto safe token holds the crown of being the pioneer in considering the noble aspect of charity.

BEP20, the charity token of the crypto safe, has been launched on the smart chain of Binance, which holds the automatic liquidity in the provision of protocols, which assures the static rewards towards the token holders.

The aims and objectives upon which the pure intention-based foundation of the crypto face lies in the automatic addition of more Crypto Safe Tokens in each wallet right after the transaction.

In return for this token addition in the wallet, almost 5% of each transaction will automatically be redistributed to the holders of the crypto safe.

Mentioned below are the insane and positive intentions upon which the foundation of crypto safe token lies and these peculiarities make the crypto safe token distinctly better among all other blockchain platforms.

1. Support Towards The Less Privileged Kids

Crypto safe token is the most strong support to the poorest of the poor. Its interesting meme is based upon the mission of helping the poor by providing medicine, food, educational opportunities, and shelter.

2. Charity

Crypto safe token is all based upon the objective of charity. It will never be wrong to say that crypto safe token is another name of charity.

The entire crew of crypto safe is all set to contribute towards fostering a good livelihood for impoverished children by creating the best charity tokens.


5% fee of each transaction is redistributed to token holders. That means you can earn more Crypto Safe Tokens by holding them in your wallet. The ticker for Crypto safe Token is “CST,” and The total supply of Crypto safe Token is 420. with 18 decimals.

Total Supply: 420,000,000,000,000,000 CST


Redistributed to token holders


Added to Liquidity


Added to Charity Wallet


Token Burn


1St Period

  • Crypto Safe is Born
  • White Paper release
  • Deploy token contract on BSC
  • New website release
  • +1000 Holders
  • Influencer marketing push

2nd Period

  • Certik contract audit
  • Pancakeswap v2 liquidity for Crypto Safe
  • 5+k holders
  • 5+k followers on Twitter
  • Influencer agreement (Youtube,Twitter,Tiktok)
  • Listed on Coingecko
  • Listed on Coinmarketcap

3rd Period

  • +10k holders
  • + $5M of market cap
  • First donation + charity partnership
  • The significant influencer marketing push
  • Website Redesign
  • increase marketing
  • Second donation + charity partnership

4th Period

  • 150,000 holders
  • Crypto Safe Swap
  • Hire more team members
  • Continuous marketing plans
  • Listing on major CEX To be continued

Like every other aspect, Charity should also be based on the platform of cryptocurrency. The crypto safe considers this insane and noble cause and is all set to support the less privileged and poor children by creating more and more charity tokens.

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