Meet Antwand Pearman — an Award Winning Director, Writer and Celebrity Interviewer

Antwand Pearman

Hailing from Harlem, New York, self-taught award-winning Director, Writer & Interviewer Antwand Pearman is blessed with unique visual skills. Together with his partner, he established Happy Mercs Productions, LLC.

Antwand, a New York-based filmmaker, has recently received top honors at several festivals. His films have been deemed the Best Feature (2021) at the American Film Awards Festival, the Best Remote Production (2022) at the Telly Awards, Best Soundtrack and Best Thriller (2021) at the HHFF, and the Best Crime Film (2022) at the BE Film Festival.

Previously, Antwand established “GamerFitNation,” a media organization highlighting the connection between video games and physical fitness, which launched his media career. Antwand’s popularity with GamerFitNation allowed him to do interviews with a wide range of celebrities, from Rihanna and Tyler Perry to Leonardo DiCaprio and many more.

His most recent work, Ms. Lovelyhands, is a thriller short about a serial murderer who has a fascination for hands. “The Musical Adventure of Afro Banzai” is an animated successful musical series starring Christopher Sabat from Dragon Ball Z and Harry Lennix from NBC’s The Blacklist. Antwand’s concept for this series is a visual and acoustic fusion of contemporary and historical animation that doesn’t skimp on story.

He draws inspiration from legendary filmmakers, including Sam Raimi, Quentin Tarantino, and Stephen Chow. His primary professional objective is to helm a major production company’s feature film.



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