Introducing Athen DAO To The World

Athen DAO

Athen DAO — An absolute sovereign, decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) — is a new monetary concept. In contrast, all the financial decision-making is written on code and immutably executed by an open-sourced third party.

In addition, Euro-zones can be digitally claimed, built, and scaled by the multi-chain — a programmable launchpad infrastructure built uniquely for tokens on — to support local, regional, and global markets with tokens.

It empowers holders of the Athen DAO’s currency, the AOE; To generate gas-optimized, verified, and audited tokens in 10-seconds on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, TomoChain, Polygon/Matic, Huobi Eco, POA Network, Celo, Avalanche, and xDai Chain.

Athen DAO — The crisis manager

Imagine that in a state of financial crisis, devoid of cash, empty ATMs, and cashless societies. What would you do? To be more precise, what will be your one escape plan to secure your daily cost of living, your life savings, and commercial business interest that provides jobs in your neighborhood? Well, most individuals don’t have a clue. That’s the reason Athen DAO came into existence and made it all done seamlessly, safely, and more rewarding.

Athen Aoe

The Athen DAO automates the basic process of staking and bonding on savings deposits and thus becomes very rewarding for its depositors. Best of all, their savings are not subject to depreciation.

Athen DAO is reliable and a game-changer

When a particular commodity or asset is deposited to the DAO and backed by something, it always has an underlying value no matter what market instability or volatility affects its existence. When a currency has the equivalent of digital currency without a dollar peg and yields from bankable interest, it obtains the status of being of intrinsic value that works to save, spend, expand, and survive almost anywhere in most market conditions.

Most users who store some cryptocurrencies have likely used stable coins such as BUSD, USDT, and USDC sometime in their journey. Stable coins are backed by stable assets such as fiat currency or any precious metal, such as gold. Stable coins are managed at a stable value, and they hardly fluctuate, giving a sense of security to first-time crypto investors. If the dollar ultimately devalues, then the dollar-based stablecoins devaluate.

We’ve got tonnes of reasons why this is spooky for your savings in general. To mention a few, in case of hyperinflation, monetary crisis, or even a state of war — the currencies usually bottom in purchasing power.

To tackle this, the Athen DAO issued a free-floating reserve currency, the AOE, which cannot fall below the DAO’s treasury limit and will always be backed by numerous digital dollar assets such as BUSD DAI, FRAX, etc. Easier put, gold is used as a saving by many people worldwide. If you own any property subjected to low and high price rates, you are not worried that much whenever you opt to sell it because the property is backed by gold. Even if the property rates are low, gold is always there to save the day. The Athen DAO follows the same pattern, but the only difference is that reserve-based stable coins back it without a dollar peg instead of gold, and the Athen DAO will commence forever.

Concerns about volatility

The Crypto market is extremely volatile, which means that the price keeps fluctuating; one minute, it is up, and the next minute, it is down. But it is not the case with Athen DAO; the framework is only meant to increase the supply. As research suggests, volatility can be mitigated via staking — a method to put your token at work and earn rewards from them, hence generating profit.

The price shifts

Know that nobody is immune to the falling price. The same is the case with staking; once the price falls below a certain threshold, it stabilizes it using the AOE reserves. In the period of high demand, high staking rewards will be created, and in the time of low pressure, low staking rewards will be generated. High-pressure periods also help in aiding the liquidity of the reserves.

Once AOE is staked, your balance will increase with the circulating supply; regardless of falling prices, the balance will increase due to the staking protocol. Apart from staking, bonding is another way used by AOE to increase profit by creating liquidity in the market. Bonding allows projects to efficiently and fairly distribute tokens that generate significant rewards from your inception.



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