$IED — The Cryptocurrency Token That Is Creating A True Democracy For Web3 With Its Exclusive Community-Driven Ecosystem

Investor’s Edge DAO

$IED aims to create a healthy and prosperous world in a web3 way for entrepreneurs globally.

Investor’s Edge DAO (DAO- Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is a community-driven ecosystem that focuses on supporting the backbone of society — ENTREPRENEURS.

They don’t believe that with all the hard work and risks entrepreneurs take, they should have to jump through the many hoops typically required to qualify for funding with traditional financial institutions.

Investor’s Edge DAO makes financing quick and easy for ALL. Once business funding applications are approved through their community voting “Equity Share” process, entrepreneurs will immediately receive the necessary funding!

They’re working to create a healthy and prosperous world in a web3 way. They believe that a strong economy stems from happy and healthy people.

With fun, educational and engaging Play2Earn games, online courses and 1 on 1 mentorship programs, Investor’s Edge DAO will work aggressively towards achieving their end goal: Helping educate and empower people to impact society in a positive and prosperous way!

Moreover, the platform will work towards strengthening the economy by providing funding for business expansion as well as start-ups. This process will be simple and will not require credit checks, along with the many other prerequisites traditional financial institutions require of people, only to be turned down in the end.

The major value of the community lies in the fact that all verified members will own a minimal stake in all businesses that are approved for funding. This creates a symbiotic relationship where the entrepreneurs and members of the DAO have a vested interest in success of the business. Members of the DAO will participate in voting for the approval of funding and own a predetermined minimal stake in the companies that receive funding.

In addition, the team will also be working to lead the race against homelessness, starvation and providing financial hardship grants that are coupled with a plethora of educational tools and resources to help those in need stand on their own and not just receive handouts.

They will represent true Democracy in the Decentralized world. By investing in their token, crypto enthusiasts are investing in the businesses and communities that surround them.

Join the Investor’s Edge DAO’s movement and invest in the token that invests in their member’s communities and futures!

Interested entrepreneurs, investors and crypto enthusiasts who believe in pushing up people can join their movement on Discord, Telegram & Twitter and invest in the token that supports them! Also, be sure to check out the website for further details.

Project: Investor’s Edge DAO

Website: investorsedgedao.com

Contact: info@investorsedgedao.com



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