GameCrazy-1st of its kind Gaming Marketplace

In 2022, the ever-expanding universe of GameFi will experience a landmark event. The maximum count of GameFi projects is at an all-time high, and both investors and players are eager to get their hands on the newest GameFi offerings.

GameFi and Esports are taking the world by storm; whether you want to play these games for sheer entertainment or as a method to make money with your gaming talents — consider GameCrazy!

GameCrazy is first to the market offering the largest crypto-currency-based online gaming marketplace for gamers and crypto users. It is the marketplace where you can get various games, accessories and digital downloads by using GameCrazy token as payment.

We see this as a unique time to marry the gaming and cyrpto-currency world as the gaming industry was the most prominent industry in 2021 with a revenue of about $175B. Cryptocurrency is an even larger market with a ceiling yet to be visible. We see this as an exciting time for our industry and all who want to get involved with GameCrazy at this grassroots level.

GameCrazy facilitates gamers with all gaming related items in one marketplace. On the GameCrazy marketplace, you will have access to 15,000+ products.

It is the first marketplace of its kind accepting crypto as payment in the form of our GMECRZY token — that makes GameCrazy a unique crypto gaming marketplace.

It is a crypto token used to purchase games and other related products listed on GameCrazy’s marketplace. Using our token you can buy and sell listed products and other associated services on the GameCrazy marketplace.

GameCrazy is offering you it’s Presale GMECRZY tokens.


Type: BEP-20 (BSC)

Sale date: 15.04.2022–01.05.2022

Purchase Limits: Min — 0.1BNB to 10BNB

PancakeSwap Liquidity%= 70

Number of Tokens for IDO: 500,000,000 GMECRZY

Do not miss the opportunity to join the Presale before we reach new heights!

To participate and buy GMECRZY tokens, go to the website

Check out what benefits are ahead for GameCrazy users;

  • Experience a more exciting gaming adventure with GameCrazy.
  • Get everything you need to play your favorite games on GameCrazy.
  • Buy your favorite games with the GMECRZY token.
  • If you have any game development project pending due to a lack of resources,
  • GameCrazy openly welcomes you and will help you in all possible ways.
  • You will be able to play new and electrifying games firsthand.
  • You will get more than 15,000 product selections in the one marketplace.


GameCrazy AIMS to revolutionize the gaming industry by bringing in cryptocurrency. Moreover, GameCrazy is working hard to expand the platform by collaborating with different game development projects. Anyone with an exciting game idea can be part of GameCrazy to introduce their creation in this unique marketplace.

Zoom In!

Many more projects are under discussion, and several are ready to be launched. These future projects will surprise you and provide you with an additional source of entertainment on this platform.

It is an excellent platform booming the gaming industry with the help of cryptocurrency. GMECRZY tokens are available in Presale. Get your token now, as the Presale ends in a short period, and there is no good time to avail this opportunity than now. 1 BNB is equal to 500000 GMECRAZY.

It will be the leading cryptocurrency-based online gaming platform with countless benefits and experiences.

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