ElonBros: The Next Token Heading For The Moon

“No bros left behind” is the slogan of ElonBros. The slogan embodies the platform’s community-focused objectives while hoping to cater to the missed-out investment opportunities experienced by late investors of “SHIBA” and “DOGE” coins.

However, ElonBros is a crypto meme token that aims to establish itself as more than its underlying premise. This is made even more apparent by the platform’s promise to globally make charitable contributions, which would serve as their biggest reward, and factor for motivation.

With an upcoming NFT project already in the works, about 15% of its proceeds for all sales will be given back to reputable non-profit organizations or charities. The project would also create financial independence for its owner’s while being coupled with a noble cause would make it a cut above other meme coins in the crypto space.

Why ElonBros?

ElonBros is a BEP-20 deflationary token traded on the Binance Secure Network. The token will be traded with few to no fees alongside a 10% tax on buy and sell orders. Up to 3% of that tax will be handed out as rewards to existing community members. In comparison, another 3% will go towards the token’s liquidity pool, and the final 4% will be a part of the marketing wallet that will aim to gain Elon Musk’s attention.

Crypto platforms tend to have complexities associated with their mechanisms that can often make it difficult for users to get on board. In contrast, Elen Bros will allay any potential concerns regarding the onboarding process of their platform by creating a unique, user-friendly design that is safe and easy to use.

As such, inclusivity is integrated into the very design of the platform, which believes that its success means having faith in the unity and brotherhood within it. Regardless of race, gender, or socioeconomic status, the platform’s community will strive to stand with one another while celebrating its wins. Consequently, this defining trait of ElonBros is embedded into the very core of its beliefs and vision that “leaves no bros behind.”

Platform Security and Efficiency

ElonBros has committed to establishing confident and trustworthy relationships with its consumers. The platform will achieve its goals by acknowledging the essentiality of security and compliance. Towards that end, a comprehensive security evaluation was conducted. This evaluation included external penetration testing, threat modelling, risk control assessments, and other measures.

What further adds to its security and transparency is that the platform is built on blockchain technology — Blockchains record information in a distributed public ledger. Since the ledger is “distributed”, it is impossible to alter the information stored in it. Due to such a distributive nature, blockchains enjoy several benefits over traditional technology, such as more security, transparency, and scalability.

Although blockchain technology can have a variety of applications in different sectors, one of its more popular uses is developing digital tokens. So, ElonBros’ adoption of blockchain technology is in accordance with its aims to increase security and prevent frauds while offering its members a decentralized and safe record and ownership of their data.

Furthermore, current blockchain-based systems allow their users to accomplish tasks within seconds, significantly faster than the time it takes for traditional systems to achieve the same outcomes. Hence, what is left is a fast, trustworthy, and risk-free exchange path for ElonBros’ tokens holders.

As mentioned previously, ElonBros is traded on the Binance Smart Chain, a blockchain that runs parallel to the Binance Chain. Binance’s cryptocurrency, called Binance Coin (BNB), is used for payments on both platforms. However, the Binance Smart Chain comes with smart-contract functionality while the Binance Chain does not. In addition, the Binance Smart Chain is also compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

As such, the high throughput of the Binance Chain in combination with smart-contract functionality was the defining attribute that led to the creation of the Binance Smart Chain. Therefore, ElonBros will operate on the Binance platform, i.e., using both the smart-contract functionality and higher throughput to provide fast and secure transactions throughout its platform.

Video Game Centered Around an Animated Elon Musk

Another means that will be used to gain and convince billionaire Elon Musk to join the community is the cartoon-like video game being created by ElonBros that will feature him in it. Video games can be a fun addition to blockchain platforms, and ElonBros is creating one that will bear the interests of both gamers and investors.

The game’s primary focus will be the cartoonlike main character featuring Elon Musk, who will take up various challenging missions in outer space. The game will enable NFTs and follow a play-to-earn mechanism typical of blockchain games where users can earn rewards.

Final Thoughts

The ElonBros’ platform is integrated with technologies that provide a fast, secure, and transparent infrastructure that will be easy to get onboard. Unlike other inflationary meme coins, ElonBros fights inflation. The platform also enables its users to earn rewards while supporting causes that would benefit its community. Not only that, but it also aims to set itself apart from other meme coins by achieving various feats, which will include donating to reputable charities and other noble causes.

As NFT and blockchain applicability evolves, so will the ElonBros’ platform. Since digital assets are becoming increasingly prevalent, better solutions providing greater benefits will eventually arise. This will drive mass adoption, i.e., increasing investment opportunities.

For more info;

Website| https://elonbros.com/



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