Capital Heights Music Duo expresses Themselves through Injustice.

The music industry is full of big names, and there is constant competition between all bands and singers. Each group’s and/or individual’s innovation, versatility, inner experience, and depiction of society are appreciated by most if not all in the audience. If a song can help you understand your own emotions and feelings, it takes root in your heart forever. The music should touch your inner conscience and describe your ideals; the audience will appreciate you more and the applause will be louder than ever.

Kadeen Rogers

Kadeen Rogers, aka O.D.T., is from Brookhaven, Mississippi, and was raised and schooled in Montgomery. Since his childhood, he’s been fond of music, composing some when he was only in fifth grade! With time, his passion for music received an immense boost. He truly loves it from the bottom of his heart.

Jason Bib

Jason is originally from Montgomery and was also raised there. He started singing when he was * years old. Jason also composes his songs himself. He is considered to be one of the smoothest vocals in town, always creating dope lyrics that speak to your heart.


The Injustice was released in April 2020. It is part of the album Blessing in Disguise. The opening lines spellbind the listener and create an atmosphere of gloom till the very end. The song received unprecedented exposure among music fans. One music lover Brenda Collin says, “this is funny… it won’t be long, look for that thing called karma.” It is a great song that expresses the feeling of injustice and society.

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