Alana Rich Releases Highly Anticipated Single “Taboo”

Empowering Women Through Music

Alana Rich

Hi, Alana & Welcome To Medium!

•What first got you into music?

My affinity for music came naturally to me as a little girl. I was a really shy kid and remember the only time I’d be willing to stand up in a room full of people was if I was asked to sing. When I was about 4, I was introduced to records by artists like Selena Quintanilla, Spice Girls, Brandy, basically all the top female pop stars of the 90’s. That was when I really started to come out of my shell and realized that music was my favorite way of communicating my thoughts and feelings to the world.

•Who inspired you to make music?

I can’t say there’s been one person or instance that inspired me to start making music. It’s been a collective experience. From being a young girl, empowered by strong, female artists, to learning that I can express myself through singing and writing in a way that normal conversations fall short. And now, making music over a decade later because music allows me to be who I want and say what I want to say in such a different light. Solely the fact that music is a form of expression is what has and still keeps me inspired to make music.

•How would you describe the music that you typically create?

I’d describe my music as genre-fluid pop. I draw inspiration from a wide range of music, from 90’s pop to more chill vibes with modern sounds sprinkled in. One constant across my music are melodies that I hope stick with the listener, even after they listen to it.

•What is your creative process like?

My creative process is different with every song. Sometimes I’ll have a concept or lyric in mind, then pick up my guitar and let those ideas flow. Other times, I’ll have my producer friends send me their instrumental ideas and build upon it with lyrics and melodies that come to me. Overall, I prefer to let things come naturally and expand upon it if it feels right.

•Who would you most like to collaborate with?

I would love to collaborate with Tove Lo, Jackson Wang, or Kim Petras. I love that nostalgic, danceable pop sound.

•If you could go open a show for any artist who would it be?

If I could open for any artist, I’d have to say, Selena Quintanilla or Tove Lo. Selena was and still is one of the foundational inspirations to me as an artist. I love how she was able to transcend language barriers with her music. And Tove just has such a fun, unapologetic presence about her and her music. Any artist who pushes the societal limits is someone I would love to open for and learn from.



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