Adamm Miguest: How His Startup “Rapid Launch Media” Became A Multi-Million Dollar Business

Adamm Miguest
Adamm Miguest

Hailing from the Southside of the Chicago, Adamm Miguest has turned his company “Rapid Launch Media” into a multi-million dollar business in less than a year.

As Record Labels and Artists are scrambling to figure out how to use social media’s #1 app Tiktok, Adamm has already conquered the ins and outs of promoting music and making songs hit the top spot on Billboard charts.

The Chicago Journal stated, “Some of Rapid Launch Media’s successful TikTok campaigns were for “Kolors” by Monte Booker, “LMK” by Lil Xxel, and “Stunnin’” by Curtis Waters and last but certainly not least “TROLLZ” by Nicki Minaj and 6ix9ine. These songs have been featured in millions of videos on the platform.

How it all started:

Since he was young Adamm loved to travel and always found himself interested in entrepreneurial ideas. As a teenager he was always self-motivated and didn’t believe in having a 9–5 job, always knowing he would use his social skills to make an impact on the world.

Adamm began his journey utilizing his rare photography skills to shoot candids of some of the top influencers in the social media realm. He realized his network was very valuable and started to connect music labels with influencers.

He realized early on the benefits of artists moving their music through various social media platforms and created an industry around connecting artists with creators that would love creating content around the music.

Adamm Miguest
Kristen Hancher & Adamm Miguest

Adamm also has connections with some of the top artists and creators in the industry and the company continues to grow rapidly.

This strategy has become the leading one in the music business as everyone gains benefits from being in his circle.

Rapid Launch Media is excited to connect with more apps, artists, and influencers in the coming years to help get their work and message out into the world.

To connect with Adamm and Rapid Launch Media, check out their website or Instagram & Tik Tok.



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