A Truly Authentic Method of Encryption — RetroPhones NFTs

Credit @RetroPhones

NFT Fever is on the rise, and people are spending crazy money to own these digital assets. From toilet paper rolls to crazed whales, everything is exhibited as an NFT, which also makes it a great prospect.

RetroPhones NFTs– old but gold

Are you someone who misses the 90s era? That was true, a perfect era from every aspect. However, RetroPhones have brought back the charm with a contemporary digital twist to reminisce those awe-inspiring memories.

RetroPhones is a collection of 10,000 16-bit Pixel Art NFTs of the most prestigious phones from the 90s. The RetroPhones NFTs are 150 different models with 10,000 variations consisting of distinctive features/unique rarities and exquisite background designs. These unique and encapsulating pixel art masterpieces will make you want to revisit the 90s era once again, where mobile phones used to be a fashion statement.

What makes RetroPhones different?

RetroPhones are no ordinary NFT; they’ve changed the game of the current NFT phenomenon. Using RetroPhones as a front image of digital art incorporated with a specific property that sounds like the future of digital art and a revolution in crypto assets.

This particular property is the feature of sending encrypted messages; owning a RetroPhones NFT is like having a safe vault where written content and data is secured indefinitely, unlike other blockchain technology where anyone can view the messages stored on blockchain. RetroPhones provide a different perspective of encryption that can neither be created nor destroyed — an accurate, authentic encryption method.

A RetroPhones NFT owner can send an encrypted message to another RetroPhones owner, to see this, the sender must provide the recipient with the PIN.

Credit @RetroPhones
Credit @RetroPhones

In the future, once RetroPhones patents have been granted, I anticipate we will see the evolution of all the methods and processes incorporated within the application, allowing anyone to store images and eventually mp4’s inside an NFT using a completely unique way bypassing the transparent processes that are currently used. Sending and receiving data through digital images also makes an excellent prospect for legal aid documents and contracts that governments can easily intercept.

Other essential information

  • The price per RetroPhones NFT will be 0.111 ETH
  • You can mint up to 25 RetroPhones per wallet (5 per transaction)
  • The tentative month for commencement of minting early/mid December
  • The smart contract will be shared shortly
  • Owning a RetroPhones NFT gives you creative and commercial rights alongside exclusive membership to the RP club (encryption app).

RetroPhones Is The Future!

RetroPhones is a one-of-its-kind organization that has introduced an innovative digital art that confirms the ownership of the digital art and gives access to send and receive encrypted messages where only the sender and receiver get to see the contents.

This will be huge in the future where security and privacy are the most talked-about aspect of the world. RetroPhones have made sure to put the privacy and security of their users first, and in that process, they had created a marvelous art that will make you vibe to the 90s era like never before.



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