In the long run, your company should focus on a candidate’s softer qualities.

Hiring is both an exciting and difficult task. On the one hand, hiring is often associated with expansion and growth. Also, we’re dealing with a severe talent shortage, with 45 percent of employers reporting difficulty filling open positions, a figure that’s expected to rise over the next decade. …

Reminiscing the 90s era with a digital twist

NFT Fever is on the rise, and people are spending crazy money to own these digital assets. From toilet paper rolls to crazed whales, everything is exhibited as an NFT, which also makes it a great prospect.

RetroPhones NFTs– old but gold

Are you someone who misses the 90s era? That was true, a perfect…

A one-of-its-kind ecosystem!

The Crypto world has been on the rise for quite a while, and it is all over the news for all the good and wrong reasons. However, good reasons surpass the bad ones, and the living proof is all the budding crypto market that is the future of fiat currency.


Moment FPV- The First And Only FPV Drone Cinematography NFT Collection

What is the Moment-FPV cinematography NFT collection?

Before we jump into details of the Moment FPV drone cinematography NFT collection, in the first place, let’s understand what an NFT is.

NFT stands for non-fungible token. It’s a unique digital asset that can range from art and images to videos clips and music albums. …

Text Based NFT Collection with Promising Future

Text based NFTs are taking the space by storm but no one is doing it quite like PETS. Whereas other text based NFT collections are solely created with RPG utility usage in mind for the future, PETS doesn’t back itself into any one corner. The original idea behind PETS was…

Nowadays, simply typing an inquiry into Google won’t suffice to find Australian online casinos. Since it is so normal to create an Australian online casino webpage and make it looks genuine, you should cautiously examine the entirety of its administrative bodies, including guardian organizations, administrations, and outsider seals and confirmations.

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